Offer our international players a complete experience that includes studying, living and playing in a city like Barcelona.

Work on aspects of individual technique and tactics that will help the player to adapt in better conditions to the team.

Our Mission

Help each player to achieve their maximum goals based on their physical and psychological abilities and their football talent.

Make our players become a smart and professional player, which is what they are mainly looking for with our program.

Riera Sport

RieraSport Staff

We are a complete and extended team behind this company, with the best professionals to provide our players with what they need.

  • Julián Riera


    All his knowledge of football is because of his experience as a captain of RCD Espanyol the 60’s and as a player of DE Sant SAndreu the 70’s.

    He has the honour of having a door in the RCDE Stadium with his name.

  • Oscar Riera


    The CEO of Rierasport. He has a lot of experience as director of international projects of RCD Espanyol in Barcelona.

    Created and directed the international department of RCD Espanyol coordinating 26 academies with more than 8000 players around the world (Europe, Africa, United Arab Emirates, South America…).

  • Lucas Riera


    Degree in international business and marketing.

    His perspective allows us to know the needs of our young players and how to reach them.

  • Noa Riera


    A student of journalism and corporate communication.

    She is in charge of the media.

  • Sonia Luis


    In charge of logistics and administration.

    We like to call her “the spanish mum” because she cares and protects the players with all her love.

  • Pau Casanovas


    The official video-maker and photograph. He is in charge of carrying out the visual projects and registering the matches and photo sessions of our players.

  • Victor Vaià


    The principal Rierasport coach, he is with us to work and improve the individual abilities of each and everyone of our players, and make them improve in technical and tactical aspects.

  • Iago Fernández


    Is an excellent coach who manages some of our players at CE Júpiter, a team associated with.

Moments, events, and achievements of Rierasport around the world