Rierasport - Football Mentoring Program

Football Mentoring

Rierasport, unlike other programs, offers constant and in-depth mentoring to our players. We want them to feel at home and that they feel that we are a family where they can feel supported and understood. This mentoring is mainly led by the professional Oscar Riera, who is also the CEO of Rierasport.

During this mentoring (which lasts the same duration as the program), the players receive professional advice for training and matches on possible mistakes or skills to develop, but also on personal aspects.

Basically, we promote the closeness between workers and players to create a stronger bond and that their experience with us, apart from being based on improvement, can be defined as exciting and welcoming.

Coach Experience

Offers the possibility of organizing special programs for coaches who want to travel to Barcelona to study a level 1 and 2 coach’s course and practice in the field as assistant coach of our partner clubs.

Sports Audit

Our company helps academies, clubs and federations to improve their objectives and management performance through the application of improvement protocols.
RIERASPORT has carried out sports audits of international clubs such as:

  • Pogon Scechin (first division Poland)
  • Kerteh Fc (Malasya)
  • Friendly Academy (Zimbabwe)
  • Staruf Academy (Nigeria)
  • Centre Football Treichville ( Evory Coast )
  • Philadelphia Union (USA)

Collaboration Agreements With Spanish Clubs

This program is aimed at clubs that wish to sign a technical collaboration agreement with Spanish clubs and also for the implementation of international academy franchises.
RIERASPORT has participated in the signing of collaboration agreements with leading international clubs with RCD Espanyol in Barcelona:

  • Philadelphia Union (USA)
  • Corintians (Brazil)
  • Al Ahly (Egypt)
  • Pogon Schechin (Poland)

Join us to take advantage of this opportunity and enhance your football skills at the highest level.