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Immersion is the key to success

Welcome to Rierasport, the Barcelona-based soccer academy dedicated to helping international players pursue their football dreams while continuing their studies.

Our football programs offer a unique opportunity to train and compete in a Spanish club.

Become a professional player

Rierasport players participate in several TRYOUTS during the year in Spanish professional teams of LA LIGA such as Celta de Vigo.

Thanks to the video analysis from Veo Camara, highlights and progress reports, we make it easier for professional scouts to sign our players.

At Rierasport Football Academy, our UEFA PRO coaches provide intense training sessions and prepare players for high-level games.

Our program emphasizes individualized training to enhance technical skills and mobility, while promoting team cohesiveness and tactics in club training sessions.

Join us and enhance your football skills at the highest level.

Choose between our programs

Rierasport - Minors Program

Minors Program

Rierasport program for minors between ages 14 and 17 is recognized as one of the best academies in Spain with international tournaments and tryouts. The program lasts 10 months and takes place in the sports & education facilities of the European International School. The program follows the American Curriculum for grades 9th to 12th.

Rierasport - Train Competition Program

Train & Competition Program

The program for players between the ages of 18 and 23 offers an authentic experience of living and training with a Spanish local team, with opportunities to compete in the Spanish league against top players, and to showcase skills and talent to professional scouts. It has a duration between 6 and 10 months.

Rierasport - Football Mentoring Program

Football Mentoring

We offer specialized mentoring for each player to help them reach their maximum potential and goals, led by Oscar Riera, former international director of RCD Espanyol (La Liga) and CEO of Rierasport. He has over 20 years of experience managing more than 8000 players and 26 academies. This mentoring provides personalized feedback, advice, and career guidance based on your unique needs and aspirations.

Join us today and discover the ultimate football experience in Spain.

Rierasport has recently announced it’s partnership some of Spain’s most powerful clubs, including:

CE Júpiter

CE Júpiter

Sant Andreu

UE Sant Andreu

Vila Olimpica

Vila Olímpica

Sant Cugat FC

Sant Cugat FC


UE Horta

These clubs, which boast over 100 years of history, have produced more than 10.000 players and have more than 100 professional players. Many of their players have gone on to have successful careers in La Liga and other professional leagues.

Years of History
Players Produced
Professional Players

This partnership will provide Rierasport players with unique and valuable opportunities that can only be found in Barcelona.

They will have the chance to train and compete with these reputable clubs and even join their teams for the FFC league.

These teams play regularly against big clubs like RCD Espanyol and Girona FC, which will expose Rierasport players to a high level of competition.

Being immersed in Spanish soccer, which is known internationally as top-tiered, will provide Rierasport players with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to fully develop their skills.

The partnership between Rierasport Academy and the other teams creates the best platform for players to achieve successful soccer development.