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24 Academies | 8000 Players

About us

RIERASPORT is a project based on the experience, knowledge of football and sports management of 3 RIERA’s generation

JULIÁN RIERA - (first generation)

all his knowledge of football is because of his experience as a captain of RCD Espanyol the 60’s and as a player of DE Sant SAndreu the 70’s.
He has the honour of having a door in the RCDE Stadium with his name.

Oscar Riera (CEO) - (second generation)

and all his accumulated experience as director of international projects of RCD Espanyol in Barcelona. Created and directed the international department of RCD Espanyol coordinating 26 academies with more than 8000 players around the world (Europe, Africa, United Arab Emirates, South America...).

Oscar Riera
Rcd Espanyol Academy
Côtee d'Ivoire

Lucas Riera - (third generation)

student of international business and marketing . His perspective allows us to know the needs of our young clients and how to reach them.

Lucas Riera